Making An Appointment



As an alternative to calling us on the phone to make your next appointment, we encourage you to utilize our easy-to-navigate Online Booking System (OBS). Online appointments are designed to be made buy Lyrica tablets uk at least two days in advance — so please keep that in mind as you make your various online selections.

To book your appointment online,

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All appointments made via the OBS are confirmed via an automated text message or with a return phone call from the shop, so when you initially set up your preferences, let us know in what manner you prefer to be contacted.

If you are running late or have to cancel your scheduled appointment, it would be appreciated if you were to let us know as soon as possible by calling (212) 861-1143.  If we don’t hear from you, please understand that there will be instances in which your barber will not be able to wait very long before taking a “ walk-in ” customer.   Also, if your barber has an appointment scheduled right after yours, we must accommodate them as well, so coming in on time – or even a few minutes early — can make the entire process go smoothly and allow for all to be provided with the quality service that they deserve.

If booking online is not for you, or the OBS is not working properly (it happens…), feel free to call us and our receptionist will be very pleased to make the appointment for you (of course, doing so is a must when you are looking to come in sooner than the 48-hour window required by the OBS).   Please make sure you have a couple of alternative times/dates to your preferred appointment time, as availability is occasionally limited

If you are unable to make your appointment in advance (online or on the phone) and prefer to just “ walk-in ”, that is fine, too!  We look forward to seeing you very soon!

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