Shampoo Mistakes

Belo Oriente How often should I wash my hair, and which kind of shampoo is right for me?


What’s in the shampoo that you use?  Have you ever stood under the showerhead, reading the “ ingredients ” on the back of the shampoo bottle? No?  Perhaps it’s time to turn that bottle around. If you see a word or phrase that ends in “ sulfate ”, you may want to consider using a different product. Sulfate-filled shampoos are riddled with harsh chemicals that damage your hair and scalp, rather than repair it.  No matter how strong and healthy your hair, these chemicals will irritate your scalp and make your hair appear brittle. As an alternative, we highly recommend our Eddie’s Haircut & Shave buy pfizer Lyrica online Hair and Scalp Cleanser.  It has gentle, yet powerful, ingredients (like eucalyptus and red tea) that will soothe your irritated scalp and leave your hair looking and feeling healthier. Many barbers and stylists have their own views on how often shampoo should be used to wash hair.  They range from once a week, to twice a day.  As these views may seem extreme, we have a more “moderate” perspective on the matter. Shampooing is unique for each individual because no head of hair is identical.   Additionally, using hair-conditioning products also comes into play, as many of them contain alcohol.  Our product is entirely organic and contains only natural ingredients — no alcohol is added.


Dry Hair Men with dry hair should not be shampooing every day. Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils – oils it produces that nourish the hair and give it a healthy look.  Washing your hair every day will cause a brittle and dead look — so make sure to shampoo only one (for extremely dry cases), two, or three times a week.  Use conditioner between shampoos in order to add moisture back into your hair.

Normal/Combination Hair For hair that meets in the middle of oily and dry, shampooing may be done every other day.  Doing so allows the hair a day to recuperate, and it still benefits from the natural oils that your hair produces. Again, in this case, you would want to condition your hair between washes.

Oily Hair It’s acceptable to wash oily hair daily because the wash may not last long before the hair decides to rejuvenate itself.  If you don’t shampoo regularly, the build-up from all the oils that are not being stripped from your hair will be unsightly and very unhealthy for your scalp.  Conditioner is not needed for this type of hair, since it is not lacking in moisture.



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