Mustache Styles

Misoprostol with no rx Mustache 1

For those of you with more defined (larger) facial features, try growing a bushy mustache or beard to soften up your look.

Al Abyār  

Mustache 2

For men with narrower faces, a simple mustache that’s not too defined will work just fine.

  • Styles that will work: Clark Gable, Chaplin, and Military
  • Styles that won’t work: Horseshoe


Mustache 3

For men with wider mouths, the Pyramid mustache will help minimize it’s size with the narrow shape coming from the base of the nose making its way right above the lip to a wide triangle shape.


Mustache 4

On the other hand, if you have a smaller mouth, try growing a tame (not bushy) mustache that goes a bit past the corners of your mouth. It will have a widening effect.