Importance of Male Skin Care

cheap Quetiapine uk Have you ever really thought about the importance of skin care? I don’t mean the wash your face and brush your teeth routine Mom taught you to do when you were five. Additional skin care is not just something you watch your girlfriend do. All those products she uses on her skin should become familiar to you! As we get older the need to go the extra mile with our skin care becomes more defined. But how can we address this?

First and foremost, it is very important to identify what kind of skin you have. There are 3 basic skin types: Normal, Oily, and Dry (much like hair types). Each skin type is going to need a specific form of care.

Here are some basics you should do for all types of skin.

  1. Wash your face twice a day (when you wake up and before bed)
  2. Moisturize your face after washing
  3. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week if possible

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Washing your face daily is very important. But that bar of soap you use to wash the rest of your body isn’t going to do the trick. The skin on your face is far more sensitive than the rest of your body, so choosing the correct product for the job is imperative. The average bar of soap is normally detergent based and can harm the skin on your face with its harsh chemicals. These chemicals over-cleanse the face causing the skin to feel tight and dry. That is why we here at Eddie’s have come up with our own facial cleanser made up of natural key ingredients suitable for all skin types. Strong enough to clean the dirt out of oily pores, while still able to provide the right amount of moisture for drier skin types. The comparison of your skin before and after using a proper cleansing product will definitely show results in the look and the feel of your skin instantly.

Now that we got step one covered, many men forget the importance of step two. Moisturizing. Moisturizing is important for both genders. And remember, women’s products just aren’t going to cut it. Not only will you leave her frustrated, but you also won’t be able to receive the necessary nutrients for your skin. Why is that? Unfortunately, men and women were not created equal (biophysically speaking). Men have more Collagen and Elastin in their skin, which is beneficial when it comes to aging. However, they are more prone to puffiness, dark spots, under eye bags, and deeper lines. So how can moisturizer help? I’m glad you asked! Even though cleansing your skin is important and takes out all excess oil and dirt, it is important to add some good oils back in. The main purpose to moisturize the skin is to re-hydrate. Think of all the drying elements you run into during the day; stepping outdoors alone exposes your skin to pollution, extreme weather conditions (sun damage, harsh winter elements, etc.). When you re-hydrate the skin through moisturizing not only does it protect against these outdoor elements, but also aids in the healthy appearance of your skin. It’s like killing two birds with one very productive stone. You’ll have healthier skin and its physical appearance will improve as well. Don’t forget we have our own brand of men’s facial moisturizer as well. Our lightweight moisturizer is great for all skin types as well and can be applied to clean skin as liberally as you’d like.

The final step is exfoliating. If anything, exfoliation is more important for men than for women. Since men have a genetic predisposition to have thicker skin than women, it is that much more important for them to maintain those hidden skin layers.

Exfoliation by definition means to remove the dead skin from the face to reveal healthy skin underneath. The word itself may sound intimidating but the process is very simple and can be done at home easily. All you really need to use is a good facial cleanser and a facial scrub. Be sure that your face is wet with warm water. Apply the facial cleanser to your face and use the scrub to massage it throughout your skin. And voila! That’s all there is to it! Just keep in mind to moisturize afterwards.

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