Understand Gray Hair

http://harbutlawcottages.co.uk/local-area/ Want to learn more about your graying hair? And is it REALLY gray?

http://mccallsnurseries.com/misc/drupal.js Since the early ages, scores of men have wondered why they start getting that patch or blanket of gray hairs on their heads. We can lead you through this confusing and twisting road with their insight into the main reasons behind hair turning gray, the various shapes and sizes the patches grow in, and something that can stop those grays from going astray.

The first time they look in the mirror and see a graying hair in their quiff is a horrifying experience for most people. Do you know the beauty of having gray hair? YOU HAVE HAIR. There are some men that develop gray hair faster than others. Some may experience this loss of pigment when they are in their 50’s and others may have found their first gray strand when they turned 16. Several important factors that cause this are genetics, ethnic background, and stress.

Most sources agree that aging is the main reason for hair going gray. Others, however, have some different points of view. Some will say the main cause is stress while others blame it almost entirely on genetics. While stress and genetics are both factors in the grand scheme of things, most sources are correct. There are some cases in which a person may get a few gray strands in their youth but that is most likely caused by the lack of melanin in that follicle from birth. In most cases, however, melanin in our hair becomes weaker as we get older. Melanin is what gives our hair the natural pigment and once that becomes deficient the hair turns transparent. Since hair strands are so thin they appear to be white/gray because of the outer shell of the hair.

In most cases, the loss of pigment is inevitable but can be delayed a few years with the right multi-vitamin regimen. Iron and Copper deficiency in a man’s diet can also cause loss of pigment in the hair. Because of this “imbalance” of nutrients the gray hair grows out and feels courser, which makes it stick out as well. We recommend using our Total Control Gel to keep course hair matted down and looking darker. Furthermore, unlike other gels on the market our gel doesn’t flake.

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