All About Hair Length

Rhenen There is concern about myth after myth dealing with how fast hair grows, when it grows faster, and what possible treatments there are to make it longer and stronger. We have done some research and have spoken to our barbers to find out the truth behind hair length.

The first thing everyone should know about hair is that it grows on average 1/8” per week, ½” a month, and 6” a year, but, in 2 years a person will not have 12” in length. Hair growth slows down as the hair gets longer unless you trim the ends which promotes growth. For men, hair seems to grow faster than for women because the hair growth is relative to how much hair they already have. For example a man who just shaved his head goes from a zero (0) to a quarter (1/4) inch in 2 weeks while a woman who has hair down past her shoulders seems not to have any sort of length change at all in the same amount of time. It’s relative to how much is already grown out because it’s more noticeable when there is less there to begin with. Myth: Hair grows faster in the summer.

There have been many favoring and opposing views on the matter when discussing seasonal hair growth. One opposing view is that hair grows at the same rate all year but seems to be growing faster in the summer because of the overexposure to light. This makes it appear to grow faster because of how light the hair seems but it does not actually grow any faster or slower in the summer.

However, a favorable opinion states that hair does grow faster in the summer because of the stimulated blood circulation. Good blood flow is essential to rapid hair growth because the follicles need proper circulation to the scalp. In the summer, blood flow is increased because of the heat causing the blood vessels to expand whereas in the winter the vessels are constricted and therefore less blood reaches the scalp.

That’s why we recommend the “Head/Shoulder Massage” service we offer in our shop. In weather of any sort, this service will stimulate the scalp to allow good blood flow to the hair follicles.

use this link Myth: Hair grows faster on the sides of your hair and slower on the top.

This may be as simple as observing your sleeping habits. There is no reason to believe that hair grows faster on the sides or top of your head at all but someone may notice that the hair on the left side of their head grows faster if they sleep on their left side of their body or on their right side of their head if they sleep on the right side of their body. This is because whichever side you sleep on will be experiencing a heavier blood flow because of the pressure on the scalp. Just like with the increase of circulation in the summer, this all deals with how well your scalp is stimulated.

If you hear of any myths like these regarding hair growth or length please let us know and you might see a post all about it!