Valentine’s Day Scoop

Ciudad Juárez Top 4 reasons to get a new haircut for Valentine’s Day

canada Aurogra Valentine’s Day is a very big day for many of you out there. Whether you have been with your significant other for years or this is only date number 3, this day is crucial! We all know that teddy bears and flowers accompany your heart shaped box of chocolates on your way home to give to your special lady but imagine the look on her face when you show up with a new haircut and clean looking shave. She will appreciate the effort you put into looking your best for her. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to get that new haircut for Valentine’s Day:

1) No matter how good you look in your suit your haircut could ruin it all.

That quiff will make or break your look once you have the perfect clothes picked out. If your hair is looking sharp it will compliment your fashion-focused efforts but if your hair is looking sloppy then your whole look becomes moot.

2) Hair is one of the first things that people look at when they look at you—its important that it looks good and put together

Imagine walking down the street one day and wondering whether you are turning heads. Since there are about 1.3 seconds in which a person sees you as you walk by them, your hair is going to be the first thing they look at and the first factor that decides whether you care enough about yourself to take care of your appearance. Now, imagine opening the door on Valentine’s Day and seeing your special someone. They look at you for the rest of the night—about 144,000 seconds. In that time, they examine your whole look, head to toe. You’ll feel the most confident that night if your entire look is polished and ready to go.

3) The barbershop or salon you go to probably has an entire wall of products they sell so that if you want that salon feeling at home it is right at your finger tips.

Now we understand that many people work and have no time to go to the barbershop right before the big night but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same barbershop feeling at home. Most places will have a line of hair products that you could purchase a couple of nights in advance to store until you’re ready to head out the door. Most products don’t take too much time to apply so the time consumption in this case is a non-issue.

4) Our shop is having a special on men’s shampoo and conditioner. If you buy the Hair and Scalp Cleanser Shampoo you’ll get 50% off on the Invigorating Conditioner!

We know it may be tough for you to make an appointment the day of the 14th so for three days, February 9th through the 14th, we will be having a special on our shampoo and conditioner! To learn more about what we put in our products check out Ingredients Work Together. We want you to have that barber shop fresh feeling all night and that can be achieved with our grooming system!

Make that appointment with your barber or hair stylist NOW to guarantee that 100% ready look on your special night! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!