Shampoo Tips for Everyone

The first thing to know about washing your hair is that most of the dirt gets built up on your scalp. Therefore, that would be the most important place to start when shampooing. The natural oils and left over hair product that get caught on your head are why shampoo was created; to remove all the unpleasantness from your hair. Our barbers have come up with a few simple tips to help you with your shampooing routine.

1- Apply Shampoo Only to Scalp

As previously stated, the most important part of your head to wash is your scalp because that is where all the dirt is nested. Only apply the shampoo to the ends of longer hair if it feels especially dirty that day.

2- Do Not Scratch Your Scalp with Your Fingernails

This will cause irritation on the scalp and may open any sores on the head. Instead, use the balls of your fingers to massage the shampoo into your scalp. This will not only keep your scalp safe from any tearing but will also improve the circulation in your scalp causing stimulation to the hair follicles. Gradually this will also leave you with healthier and fuller hair.

3- Make Sure to Shampoo Only as Much as You Need to.

It’s important to know how to treat your specific type of hair from oily to dry hair, and from normal hair to a combination. To find out how to treat your hair type read our past post Shampoo Mistakes.

4- Do Not Use Shampoos with Sulfates in Them.

The purpose of washing your hair is to cleanse it from your daily activities, to protect it almost. By using shampoos with harsh chemicals like sulfates in them you get the opposite result from what you initially intended—MORE DAMAGE! Be sure to check the back of the bottle before you purchase any shampoo and if “sulfate” is anywhere in the ingredients section put it back on the shelf and pick up a gentler cleanser.

These tips should help you and your scalp lead a much healthier and longer lifestyle! Be sure to read our future post featuring Eddie’s Haircut and Shave Hair and Scalp Cleanser.