A Little More About Us

Our establishment, Eddie’s Haircut and Shave, is timeless. We provide a traditional barbershop experience with a touch of modern day style. It’s a place for people to go when they need to rediscover their roots, no pun intended. Barber shops are older than America!

Many of our clients live or work in New York City. This means that they are generally in a rush to get their haircut and continue the adventures of their day. We do have some Out-of-Towner’s who visit our shop whenever they can but even they don’t have all day to spend with us.

Our receptionist greets you at the door with a smile and asks if you have an appointment. You walk over to the barber’s chair and suddenly all your worries will melt away. This is your time to reconnect with yourself and with your barber.

Although we keep most appointments close to a half hour it seems like time stops when you sit in that chair. The sound of scissors and a straight razor shave on the neck makes you feel like you are travelling back in time. Perhaps to the time when a haircut cost no more than a quarter and a straight-razor shave was its compliment.

It is never easy to trust your hair with someone new but at Eddie’s you are always in good hands. Make your appointment with us now by clicking on this link. If you haven’t been to our shop before just know that any one of our barbers is capable of taking care of you.