Single Chair Barber Shops


Ever since the times of ancient Egypt, men have been going to barbers to get their hair cut and beards trimmed. There have been many venues in which barbers were able to perform their services. One that was of particular interest is the single-chair barbershop. This venue includes one chair, one barber, and one-on-one conversation. It is a very intimate experience–one that is a lot more personal than in a shop with multiple barbers and multiple chairs.

Unfortunately, these single-chair shops have not been thriving in recent years. Many people want the sense of community that comes with the traditional barbershops and others just want a fast haircut, which won’t happen if there is only one chair in the entire shop. Barbers require a minimum of 20 minutes for each service to provide a quality haircut or shave. The stress that comes with a long line of people ahead of you may make this shop unattractive.

However, the pros are pretty attractive and may over shadow the wait. This shop offers a form of comfort and history. Where else can you enter a room with your own personal comfy chair with a barber whose job is to make you look your best and to have a nice conversation? It’s like going to your best friend’s house for a little chat and leaving with a better-looking head of hair. Big shops may also be intimidating for people who are more used to one-on-one interactions. These people could be afraid to speak up about what they want and may leave disappointed with the haircut they didn’t intend to get.

Single-chair barbershops are still around today but they are few and far between. If you come across one on a trip or a stroll it would be ideal to head in just to experience it at least once. There is no other experience like it and you may regret not going in if they ever become extinct.