Invigorating Conditioner Feature

This month we have chosen to feature our Invigorating Conditioner! In the month of August the weather has been fairly hot. But it’s getting hotter, people are getting sweatier, and they tend to change their clothes a bit more often because of this heat. With that come more showers to soothe sweaty scalps. While the shampoo and water strips away the oil build-up from the scalp the conditioner partnered with it adds the moisture back into the hair.

Eddie’s specially formulated Invigorating Conditioner is gentle and quenches the thirst of every strand of hair on your head. The clean feeling will stay with you throughout the day and it will keep you looking your best through your next conditioning.

It is no secret that the ingredients in this bottle are all organic extracts and oils. The main components are aloe vera, rosemary, eucalyptus oil, spearmint, and peppermint. These ingredients work together to promote hair growth through an increase of circulation to the scalp while reducing dandruff. It really earned it’s name as an “invigorating” product.

For the best hair you deserve the best treatment. To order Eddie’s Invigorating Conditioner just click on this link for the amazon page.