Plant A Bigger Beard

There have been men all throughout history who have not been able to crack the code of growing a full beard. We know that it can be very frustrating to wake up and see that patchy scruff on your face. However, there may be some things you can do to get a thicker look.

For many years people believed that the more you shaved, the thicker your beard would become. But that’s not how your hair follicles work. Much like a plant, it needs food, water and plenty of sunlight. The plant would not grow faster if you kept cutting it down all the time, right?

Let your hair grow out. It may seem unappealing at first but those extra days of growth will help the slower growing hair come out of hiding. You will start to see stubble come out once you let it grow freely.

But, every plant needs some nourishment to make it look good and continue to grow properly. Make sure you are shampooing your beard regularly. The bacteria that get caught will only slow down the growing process. The hair on your face is just as important to maintain as the hair on your head, so every time you shampoo your mane, make sure to shampoo your beard. The same goes for conditioning. Conditioner will make your beard look shinier and healthier.

Another step you can take is to comb your beard. When those bristles separate your strands it will give an illusion of a fuller beard.

By following these tips, you will ultimately have the best looking, full beard around.