Abigail – Barber / Receptionist

Without a doubt, I am the hardest working person in the shop. And why exactly is that, you may ask? Well, in my mind, it’s because all of my colleagues have only one job to do, while I have…two…. I was hired at the front desk, but in between your typical receptionist duties, I closely followed what the barbers were doing, and it wasn’t long before I said to myself: “ I want to cut hair, too! ”. So at nights and weekends I attended barbering school, earned my Barber License and today I flow between both responsibilities with the greatest of ease. In fact, if you have ever eavesdropped on the conversations around you at Eddie’s, you may have noticed that everyone in the shop is able to chat with the person sitting in their chair in more than just a single language — we are the UN of barber shops! However, I am the only one who can be conversant in several languages. I speak Ukrainian from having grown up in Ukraine, which naturally helped me easily pick up Russian when I lived some years later in Brooklyn. I have also studied French and Korean (long story…), which can come in very handy in the city when you are eating in a Korean or a French restaurant. If you count English, that’s a total of…five. And in all of them, I am able to say “ How would you like your haircut ” ? or
“ Thank You for Calling Eddie’s Haircut & Shave ” !

Jul 27, 2018