Artan – Master Barber

I am the second person at Eddie’s who was raised in the country of Kosovo, the country in the Balkans region of Europe that split off from Serbia in 2008. Growing up, my father managed a neighborhood barbershop, where my brother and I worked on weekends, doing a variety of jobs to help us earn pocket money. Naturally, as the years passed, I also learned how to professionally cut men’s hair and do a fine shave. For 13 years I was a part-time barber, even as I studied and worked as a Civil Engineer. When I moved to the States four years ago, I drafted CAD Designs, but realized pretty quickly that there was a limit to just how many renderings of Kitchen Counters I could do in a week. So to fill my free time, I found a barber position near Yankee Stadium. But four months ago, when my buddy at Eddie’s suggested that I join him in the shop for a couple of days a week; I couldn’t refuse. I mean, where would you prefer to work: up in the Bronx or in…Manhattan?

Jul 28, 2018