David – Master Barber

barber_eddie_262-1A typical barber probably spends their Day Off doing chores and catching up on sleep. But not me. When I am not in the shop, I am in a studio, painting and drawing and creating …..Art. How did I get to this point? Well, that’s a good question. I am originally from Kosovo, the country in the Balkans region of Europe that split off from Serbia in 2008. It was there where I graduated from a Fine Arts school, and then spent two years as an Art Teacher. But when I got to the States and couldn’t find a similar job, I did the next best thing: I enrolled in a three-month course at the Tribeca Barber School, became a barber, and in the last couple of years have found that cutting hair can also be its’ own Work of Art. If you have a few moments after a haircut or a shave, I would be happy to show you photos of my art work. Just ask!

Jul 28, 2018