Lorenzo – Master Barber

If you saw me on the street, you would probably never guess that I was a barber. You might think that I looked more like a construction worker; and that wouldn’t be too far from what had been the truth. During High School, I learned that I had natural ability to be able to give haircuts to my classmates, friends and neighbors, but I did it without charging them at all. I didn’t think that it was meant to be my lifelong vocation. My father was in the construction business, and so soon enough, I was, too. But after several years, you know what I realized? That construction work was not easy, that you had to do it in all kinds of hot & cold weather, and that maybe going in to work every day with my father was…not ideal. So instead, I found myself enrolled in a six-month Barbering School, worked for 6 years on Long Island, and for the last couple of months have been very happy to be a member of Eddie’s. Although, I have to admit, my haircuts & shaves are no longer offered for Free.


Jun 24, 2018