Noah K.

Went right after the re-opening during the pandemic. Experience was very pleasant and did not feel unsafe in any way whatsoever. The service was still the same as before and as good as always while still maintaining the extra safety measures required during this time.


Karim B.

Came recently for my second haircut with Helen. She was very good and I will happily be back to her.
Eddie’s is an impeccably run business. A great thought was put into each interaction from when you make your appointment (phone or online) to when they confirm it (call or text) to when you arrive and there is a host to take your coat to an excellent haircut, and easy payment. The shop is honest about asking for feedback and puts customers first. A price worth paying for an excellent experience.


Jeromy D.

My review comes in two parts: one for Eddie’s shop and the other for the products.
I’ve been coming to Eddie’s for a little under 5 years, rotating between barbers for 4 of the 5 years. Then one day, by miraculous intervention, I received a haircut from Helen. There must have been some universal intervention that day, because I’ve been going to her ever since. It is sheer perfection (pun intended)! I can’t tell you enough, the compliments I get on my haircut on a daily basis. I have always been extremely particular with my hair and I don’t trust just anyone. When Eddie’s says Master Barber, it truly means just that. Helen and the others that work there, love what they do and that shows in their craftsmanship. If you haven’t been to Eddie’s, GO! Even if you don’t live on the UES, it’s worth the trip wherever you are. I can guarantee you’ll walk out of there feeling amazing.
Also, if you haven’t tried Eddie’s line of products. Check them out! I personally use the Shampoo (Hair and Scalp Cleanser) and the shaving cream. You can get them in the store or on Amazon. Not sure where else he sells his products, but that’s where I’ve seen them.
If you want a relaxing atmosphere that cuts hair to perfection, has good music, smiling faces, and people that remember your name, you’ll love this place. If I had the time just to go in there and sit in the waiting area, I would. It’s that relaxing even when you’re waiting!


Keith H.

Eddies is the best barber experience in town. I’ve been coming to Eddies for about 7 years now and have continued to go even though I’ve recently moved to Philadelphia. Why mess with perfection? And recently they’ve gone high tech and can take appointments online and confirm with text messaging. All this and the cost is very competitive with others in the neighborhood. It’s a no-brainer!


Philip R.

I go to New York from the UK once a year for a week and one thing I do before leaving home is to book myself a haircut and a shave with Eddie. After I land and check into my hotel it’s straight up to Eddie’s. He does an amazing job, and makes me look and feel fantastic.There are lots of barbers in New York but there’s only one Eddie. Pop in for a haircut and/or a shave, the atmosphere is great, all his staff are super friendly, the conversation flows and you will leave feeling as good as you look.
Oh, Eddie also does a fabulous range of men’s grooming products, I like them so much I have some shipped to the UK when I run out. Thank you Eddie, you ROCK!


Przemek S.

Eddie’s THE place for a man’s hair cut on the Upper East Side. Been going there since moving here in 2000 when it was Jack’s and got my son there as soon as he graduated from those awful car-shaped chairs in kiddie hair cut places.
I prefer making appointments with Eddie himself, because he’s better than reality TV with his lore of the neighborhood and the customer stories he hears. Barbers are like barmen: there’s something about them and people open up. The stories (and scripts) that he could write! If he’s not available, I’ve had my hair cut by almost everyone on the crew, men & women. No complaints, they all know their job and know how I want my hair done without me saying much. The hot towel on the face afterwards is just a perfect touch.
Recently got an email from Eddie’s with a $5 off since it was my birthday. Went there a day or two later, but didn’t mention anything, and the $5 was automatically deducted. Not that I really cared, because I go there for the quality of service not the discounted price, but it was a nice gesture and points out to how much Eddie pays attention to small details. Details matter and as long as I have any hair left to be cut, Eddie’s is the place.


Joe I.

I recently moved to the Upper East Side and tried a number of barber shops around the neighborhood, and to say that Eddie’s stands above the rest would be selling them short. It’s a friendly atmosphere with a very talented staff. Over the past year I’ve been going to Eddie’s consistently and always ask for Helen. She has a large following, and for good reason, she gives one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had!


Charlie D

Helen gives me  FANTASTIC HAIRCUTS Been going To her for sometime now ,and what a great job,,,My wife even likes it,,,,LOL THANKS Helen Cheers


Jesse S.

Excellent hair cut. Jacob did a great job with my hair. not to mention he was very patience to me while I was on my phone half the time. The place was kept nicely and they took me immediately as a walk-in. Highly recommended to everyone. I will absolutely be going back.


Peter F.

Eddies is the best barber experience in town. I’ve been coming to Eddies for about 7 years now and have continued to go even though I’ve recently moved to Philadelphia. Why mess with perfection? And recently they’ve gone high tech and can take appointments online and confirm with text messaging. All this and the cost is very competitive with others in the neighborhood. It’s a no-brainer!



Before coming to graduate school in New York, I moved around a lot, but Eddie’s Haircut & Shave has been my favorite place to get my hair cut. I’ve been going to Helen at Eddie’s for two years now, and I’ve been impressed. She has consistently done an excellent job. It’s comforting to know that you’re going leave happy. I’ve explored some of the other barber shops in the area, but I’ve never been as pleased as I am when Helen cuts my hair. At this point, I wouldn’t have anyone else touch it. I recommended Helen to my roommate, and he hasn’t gone to anyone else since. She’s been great to me, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a barber on the UES.


Olek DeRowe

I have been going to Eddie’s Haircut and Shave for almost a decade now. Although I have since moved from the Upper East Side I still travel to see him as I have had bad experiences at multiple other barbershops in the city. I have perpetually received great haircuts and I periodically opt for the shave treatment prior to special events. Manhattan offers many choices and I truly believe that Eddie’s has made the choice very easy for me. I highly recommend Eddie’s Haircut and Shave for all your haircut and shaving needs.


Victor T.

I’ve been going to Eddie’s since 1999. I’ve even moved to the West side now, but STILL trek on over there because of these reasons:
1) The haircuts ALWAYS make me look good!! They are stylish, contemporary, professional.. PLUS.. you Also get the old barbershop feel.. when at the end of each haircut.. you get the hot towel treatment!!
2) The price is right!!
3) I’ve gone to Unisex salons, and I still choose Eddie’s… because of the care and time spent on YOU.. when you’re in the chair.
4) I like the chit-chat … it’s kind of like home…
Do yourself a favor, get up off of your @ss!! Go see Eddie and get a freakin haircut already!!


Alex N.

I’ve been coming to this place since I can remember. I have always been treated well; everyone is nice in there. You get the most professional cuts. There is no barbershop that I would rather get my haircut at. I am comfortable with this place. It is a very homey feeling. Personally when I go there…I’m not just getting a haircut, I’m catching up on old times with my barber Eddie. To me nothing beats that. I’ve moved a couple of times and still come back.



Time for a chat ‘n’ cut. It’s hard to find quality over quantity anymore and Eddie embodies the very qualities which people get nostalgic over when mentioning the “good ol’ days”. Charismatic barbers pass the time in what otherwise would be yet another annoying chore for men. I personally look forward to my hour at the shop every two weeks.


Steven B.

Now I don’t just trust my hair to anyone, but I found these guys online and I am very pleased with their work and I recommend them to friends and family all the time. Thanks guys.
Aside from a great cut, these guys do the hot shave with a straight blade to line you up your neck and finish off the haircut with a hot towel to the face. Definitely worth checking out.


Oliver D.

Eddie’s offers great haircuts at a very good price!
Moved here 8 years ago and tried many barbers – once I landed at Eddie’s I never went anywhere else. Cuts are great – barbers are very nice and friendly! The hot towel “spa” treatment at the end is fantastic and a much-appreciated treat!! I think the price is very good for this service and neighborhood!! Oh yes, and the shop appears in some Woody Allen movies….. a classic!


David M.

Having Eddie’s shop in the neighborhood means that a true neighborhood still remains, despite all the changes that have taken place in the last couple of decades. I’ve lived around the corner for more than 30 years and have seen the invasion of the pricey chain-store hair salons. 
But guess what… there really is an Eddie, and he’s there every day to make sure that the high standards of his shop are maintained… at the same time that the price remains a bargain. You don’t have to be in the shop very long to notice that there are a lot of regulars coming in all the time–in other words people come back because of the quality, as well as the friendly atmosphere. Lots of Eddie’s customers are the nearby hospital employees and the local firemen and policemen. That says a lot.


Vic Meskill, Ph.D.

I have known Frank C. for a number of years before he joined Eddie’s Haircut and Shave Salon. Sometime ago, I was disappointed when I returned from a trip to find Frank was no longer with the barbershop on the Upper East Side, where he cut my hair and trimmed my full beard. I was told that he went back to Italy. I searched for a barber who could do as good a job as Frank—I was unsuccessful. 
 One day, while walking on 68th Street, Frank and I spotted each other through the window of Eddie’s, and exchanged pleasantries. Since that day, my hair has been treated regularly to Frank’s expertise, an expertise that is quite outstanding. 
This testimonial comes from a professional man, with seventy-three years of experience having his hair cut in many states and foreign countries. Frank C. is one of, if not the most talented, barbers I have ever met. 
Vic Meskill, Ph.D


Mark Roggen.

Hi Eddie,
Great Haircuts, and friendly Barbershop Atmosphere. I’ve been going there for years and don’t plan to stop. Thanks for keeping up the tradition!


Alex V.

I’ve been going to Eddie’s for over 10+ years and while the prices may have risen over the times, I feel the improved quality of service and overall haircut experience far exceeds and is well worth the cost. Since Eddie has taken over the shop, the new staff are friendly and talkative and keeping a good barbershop vibe/atmosphere. Adding to the old fashioned authentic clipping experience, each cut is followed up with fresh blade around the neck for a very fresh feeling; unlike those places that use buzzers. I get a shave every now and then when I want to treat myself (unfortunately a little less often these days…) and the straight razor shave is the tops…I have sensitive skin and they follow up with this block called Alum Block (I haven’t been able to find in pharmacy yet) and leaves my skin with no irritation. Followed up with the hot towel, this place really takes the time to provide a quality haircut and barbershop feeling. A/A+


David Anderson

Great Place for a Cut! Makes me feel better.
“I looked up this place on my G1 hoping to find a place to get a hair cut close to where I work. This one was the best reviewed. Now I’ll go as far out of my way as I have to in order to get a cut here. I’ve been there three times and had my hair cut by a different person every time and was always very happy. It is an old school barbershop in every good way (relaxed atmosphere, short wait time, straight razor shaves, warm towels and skilled hair cutters. But it’s not old and stuffy. Just a great place all around. And cheaper than my last place. I add the difference to my tip.



Best barber in the city hands down. For years I had haircuts that would look awful 2 weeks down the line with these guys i can go a month, month and a half and it still looks good. They really do an amazing job.


John R.

Went to Eddie’s for the first time today and it certainly not be my last time. I was taken good care by Lora who gave me THE best head shave I have ever gotten, hands down. I have gone to other barbershops for a shave and it was in and out, but Lora explained each step and why she takes her time. She also trimmed my goatee gratis. If you are in NYC and need a cut do yourself a favor and visit Eddie’s.



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  1. Thomas

    I just recieved another great haircut at Eddie’s Haircut & Shave Barber Shop.
    i’ve been a customer for a number of years and always get treated with importance and I always enjoy the work I recieve from them. I tried a new product on my hair today after my haircut to finish the look. It’s a finishing product callled “Mud” it feels soft but with body, to give that textured choppy layerd look, best used on dry hair and washes out easily. I look foward to my future visit to Eddie’s.

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